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    Conquer Vitiligo with Expert Assistance

    Light colored patches on the skin can be very embarrassing for the bearer. Vitiligo occurs when there is loss of melanin pigment from various areas in the skin. This is not a disease by itself, although it may occur secondary to some medical problem or as an adverse reaction to medications and drugs. Dr. Simon Ourian, Epione Beverly Hills, CA brings you expert solutions for your problems. Whether it is a small patch in a prominent part of your body, a large patch or several affected areas which are bothering you, we will help you find the best solution to your problem.

    Treatment strategies for this condition:

    • For quite a good number of years, topical creams and steroids have been used to normalize the skin coloring. This method takes a very long time and may not be effective in all patients. Alternatively, many doctors advise resorting to phototherapy to restore the lost pigmentation.
    • At our clinic, treatment for Vitiligo is mainly done using lasers. This therapy is effective, permanent, non-invasive and takes much less time to exhibit results as compared to creams and ointments.
    • Laser treatment works by emitting special kind of light, which stimulates those cells which are responsible for producing melanin and were hitherto dormant, thereby leading to depigmentation.
    • Upon stimulation, they become active once again and start producing melanin. This leads to restoration of normal color of the skin. Also, once the cells are active, they remain so for ever. That is why this treatment is permanent.

    Why to prefer our treatment:

    • Laser therapy for Vitiligo should always be done by an expert. You have to use the right range of light and know which is the best way to work on the target. Not only is every patient different, but so is every spot. Thus, you need a really skilled doctor.
    • We are not only trained, qualified and experienced, but also, we have a range of excellent equipments to assist in the process. Thus, flawless results are guaranteed without pain or complications.
    • Our treatment is affordable. Not only is the initial consultation free, but also, we offer you many financing options. These ensure that our rates are much lower than what you can get in most clinics.

    Why should you struggle with Vitiligo when treatment is easily available? Contact us today and sign up for your free consultation. We will examine you and help you to get rid of this problem permanently.