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    Ultra Neck Lift

    The Advantages Associated with Ultra Neck: A Procedure Resembling the Face Lift

    In Office and Non Invasive

    Takes Less Than Sixty Minutes

    Instant Results

    A Look with Lasting Success

    What to Expect from Ultra Neck

    Ultra Neck can be thought of as a face lift for your body’s most noticeable erroneous zone. One version of the procedure involves a device responsible for emitting radio frequencies. The skin around the neck tightens up because there is a buildup of heat within the adipose tissue. As the fat contracts, there is a stimulation of collagen growth. For patients, this means a younger neck achieved from safe, non invasive procedure.

    A second procedure utilizes ultrasound. With just one visit in office, ultrasound waves stimulate the innermost structures within the skin. What follows is a process of healing. As the body revitalizes its structures, a layer of new collagen is formed. The skin becomes tightened both inside and out.

    Finally, there is the option of freezing neck fat. This is another non invasive technique with the freedom of being able to complete the procedure in office. Cooling technologies are used to kill fat cells. The skin on the surface is not injured. Later, the body eliminates the waste.

    Ultra Neck & Safety

    Like the more modern face lift, Ultra Neck may make use of radio frequency, a technique worthy of FDA clearance. According to this organization, the device associated with the procedure is safe and a superior alternative to regular surgery. As a result, thousands of Ultra Necks have been done worldwide.

    Treatment After the Procedure

    Ultra Lift does not require any detailed preparation for treatment after the procedure has been completed. However, you need to be hydrated. The technique involved with treatment takes between 30 to 60 minutes. The length of time you may need depends on how many areas you are firming up. In any case, the procedure starts with an application of gel around the zone of interest. You may feel a pleasant warming sensation from this process. The ultrasound procedure may in itself be uncomfortable, but try not to worry. The presence of discomfort indicates a buildup of collagen.

    The Recovery Process

    Since Ultra Neck can be done in office, there should be no fears over a heavy downtime period. Once the procedure has been initiated, you can return to what you normally do throughout the day. The most you will have to worry about is swelling and light irritation. To cover up the latter, consider putting on oiled makeup. You can also use SPF 30 or sunblock.

    The Final Results

    For many, Ultra Neck’s results can be seen after just one session. The neck will be tightened and lifted. The traditional face lift offers a similar advantage, though since the procedure covers the whole face, the swelling might be more annoying than what you get with an Ultra Neck. At the worst case, you can always wear a scarf around your neck. Do this until your neck achieves the results you see with Ultra Neck’s Before & After photos.

    The Number of Treatment Sessions

    As already noted, many patients should see results right after their initial procedure. Some may decide to continue up to 5 times in hopes of optimizing their results. There is also the option of touching up the areas previously affected. The treatment will still be quick and non invasive.