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    Stretch Mark Removal

    Stretch Mark Removal Los Angeles

    Skin is the most elastic tissue of the body with remarkable capacity to stretch and expand when the need arises. For example during pregnancy the abdominal skin stretches to great lengths in order to accommodate the developing fetus. Likewise, moderate weight gain over a period of months or years produces the same effect.

    Yet, the real issue sprung when significant weight changes occur over a short period of time like moderate weight loss within weeks due to illness or an excellent work-out regimen or after childbirth.,

    Most of the people don’t like the unsightly appearance of stretch marks on concealed or exposed areas of their body and take every measure possible to decrease or abolish the appearance of these marks.

    Common areas where stretch marks can potentially cause a cosmetic problem?

    Stretch marks can prominently be seen on abdomen, buttocks, thighs and upper arms. Stretch marks are clearly visible in women after pregnancy. Interestingly, stretch marks are also a huge cosmetic problem for men as well. Sudden weight gain or weight loss, are the primary causes of stretch marks in both women and men.

    What are the functional options to get rid of your stretch marks?

    A lot of people are now relying on stretch mark surgery to achieve early, reliable and high quality results without going through the hassle and embarrassment of hiding the body under clothing or other shields. There are several techniques that are being commonly employed to get rid of stretch marks with absolute safety. Some popular stretch mark surgical procedures that are fairly popular today include:

    Tummy tuck:

    • Tummy tuck is one of the methods of stretch mark surgery and it has been proven to be one of the most effective methods of all.
    • Tummy tuck is another name of abdominoplasty surgery.
    • It is the most common cosmetic surgical procedure performed in United States with healthy track records. However, this is among those methods which are most invasive.
    • The candidates for this treatment are usually women who had stretch marks after their pregnancy.

    In tummy tuck method, excessive muscles and skin is detached then the skin is taut so that perfect tucked appear in waist. After tummy tuck a slim waist appeared and stretch marks under the navel line disappeared. The drawback of this method of stretch mark surgery is a patient need more time in recovering as compared to non-surgical methods of stretch mark surgery

    Laser surgery:

    • Another subcategory of stretch mark surgery is laser surgery (that employs laser rays to minimize the appearance of stretch marks).
    • It is also the most effective and efficient surgery method associated with removing stretch marks.
    • Beside stretch marks, it is also frequently used to reduce the appearance of blemishes, skin pigmentation and other dermatological cosmetic issues. Additionally, this type of stretch mark surgery is equally beneficial in healing damaged cells of skin and sealed broken vessels.
    • The best candidates are those who have darker stretch marks (deeper than original skin tone, especially those reddish brown marks that appear after pregnancy).

    The laser technique cannot pick the stretch marks of lighter color compared to the skin tone. This method is among those stretch mark surgery styles which not only cure outer skin layers but also enhance skin remodeling in deeper layers. This is done by increasing collagen’s production after skin is exposed to laser.

    Dermabrasion surgery and chemical peels

    • Dermabrasion and chemical peels are among the least invasive and most popular methods ofstretch mark removal techniques.
    • In both the methods, the primary aim is to discard the topmost or upper layers of skin that are pigmented or destroyed.
    • When upper layers are removed, fresh layers of skin are exposed with shiny glistening appearance.
    • In chemical peel method, alpha hydroxyl is utilized to discard the skin’s outer layer where as in Dermabrasion technique a brush is used to discard the skin’s exterior layer.

    The recovery time for this method of stretch mark surgery is one week but with this little recovery time it has certain side effects as well. A person undergo this procedure might becomes sun sensitive for some time and this duration varies person to person. Some patients also reported redness of skin which is very much annoying for them.

    If you have unsightly and annoying stretch marks on your body that is:

    • Affecting your confidence and self-esteem
    • Interfering with your social, personal and intimate relationships
    • In between you and your favorite attires

    You should speak to a cosmetic surgeon regarding the best suitable options to get rid of these stretch marks in order to enjoy your life again.