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    Cool Laser

    An Alternative to the Coolaser ™ technique could be microdermabrasion, Thermage, Laser Skin Resurfacing, or Cooltouch.

    The benefits of Coolaser ™ are quite apparent, as it treats wrinkles caused by skin aging, while at the same time, it also even out skin tone that was previously uneven,perhaps with dark spots. Additionally it removes any superficial blemishes. The treatment procedure lasts for a period of merely 10-15 minutes, and can be done on the neck and other parts of the body. The depth of the peel can be adjusted, and this technique is the preference for dark-skinned persons. The healing process is much quicker that with Laser surgery.

    The procedure associated with the Coolaser ™ technique, is performed as is explained here. A special device is used to cool the entire surface of the skin, and then a series of light pulses are flashed on to the skin’s surface. The energy of light is then absorbed by the skin cells, with the absorption resulting in the instantaneous vaporization of the superficial cell. Only a 10 millionth of an inch of tissue is removed, while your physician passes the light across your skin. Your physician is able to treat only the area that is needed, as the technique allows for incredible control, whether it is the removal of wrinkles or just the refreshment of your overall skin appearance. Once the damaged skin is removed, the regrowth of new skin will take place quickly. Other laser treatments require a long period of recovery, however the Coolaser ™ technique does not.

    If you would like to improve any of the following, without enduring a long recovery period and yet achieve optimal results, then the Coolaser ™ technique is ideal for you: facial scars, uneven skin pigmentation, fine lines around the mouth and eyes, acne scars, skin growths, birthmarks, warts and stretchmarks. In order to recommend the most suitable procedure for you, the surgeon will need to evaluate the characteristics of your skin.

    The Coolaser ™ technique treatment has results that are
    long lasting, removing minor lines and blemishes, and resulting in a fresh, younger looking appearance. Many persons only get optimal results after undergoing a series of treatments. However as is the case with other subtle procedures, you will still look like yourself, but only an improved version.

    The treatments are considered very safe, although you should expect a transient change in pigmentation, as well as some swelling and discomfort. The adverse effects are nevertheless unusually small, and a thorough evaluation conducted by the treating physician will be essential.

    After the Coolaser ™ technique treatment, you should expect the following:

    Return to work:1-5 days
    Progressively strenuous activities: 1 week
    Total fading of redness: 1-3 weeks
    Light sun exposure: 2 weeks
    You should refrain from driving until the following morning, if you have been given oral medication to relieve pain or for sedation.

    Each person will experience a different level of discomfort, which can also vary according to location and the surface area that will be treated. There are some patients who refuse pain medication while being treated, as they compare the discomfort to having a sunburn caused by sun damage. Other patients will prefer to receive a topical or more extensive anesthetic. Here we will discuss the options available to you, based on your level of tolerance and the areas that you require to be treated. The skin can become red, pink or even darker for a few days, after being exposed to the Coolaser ™ technique. Additionally some discomfort which can be either mild or moderate, may be expected for a few days after the procedure. You may be able to take over the counter medication and find this sufficient, but others may need their physician to recommend alternative pain relief options to ensure their comfort.

    A pre-treatment plan may be recommended by your doctor, to prepare Coolaser ™ technique skin resurfacing. Your doctor will tailor a regime that will suit your needs, as the plan is dependent on a variety of factors. You will also receive instructions on the care of your skin, after the treatment.

    You can expect to experience mild swelling, some redness of the skin and discomfort, after the technique is completed. These are treatable with ice packs and antibiotic ointment, which will aid the healing process. Instructions on the gentle washing and caring of your skin while it heals, will be given to you. The duration of this process is usually for a few days or longer.

    Coolaser ™ technique Treatment Cost

    Lower bound: $2,000
    Upper bound: $7,000
    National average: $3,900