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    Ingrown Hair

    Solving A Painful Unsightly Problem: Ingrown Hair Treatments

    With many normal hair removal routines such as waxing and shaving, ingrown hairs can be a painful and unsightly side effect. You should become aware of the now available ingrown hair treatments that modern technology has fostered recently, if you wish to avoid putting those painful, itchy bumps onto your skin. When it comes to eliminating unwanted hair, ingrown hairs, you want to remove hair in a manner that helps ensure it will not be coming back very quickly. This is why laser hair removal is now one of the most effective ingrown hair treatments available. Elimination of the offending hair is how it works, and this helps eliminate having to repeatedly remove the hair, and further eliminate the chances of ingrown hair occurring.

    When searching for an ingrown hair treatment to use, you should keep in mind the fact that ingrown hairs are not considered to be any sort of serious health risk at all! It is also important that you take the time to educate yourself as best you can about ingrown hair treatments you might be considering. You are going to want to understand as best you can their limitations, potential risks and benefits.
    You should also be aware of the following information, if laser hair removal is seeming like a good alternative for you to pursue. It is typically at a doctor’s office, that any procedure will be done. The typical time frame for ingrown hair treatments runs about one hour or so, but if you are seeking treatment which is more extensive, obviously you will have to allocate additional time for it. In almost all cases, multiple sessions are going to be needed.

    Typically, only a local anesthetic will be required for laser hair removal, and immediately after the treatment is completed, you can return home. Laser hair removal does minimal damage to any surrounding skin, as it targets only the follicles of the offending hairs. This means that you may get back to your regular routines and activities at once. You should keep in mind though that for at least 24 hours following your ingrown hair treatment, you cannot use a Jacuzzi, go tanning or undergo any strenuous exercise activities. You will want to make all efforts to protect your skin as best as possible while it is recovering from the procedure, and you should avoid any sort of depilatory creams or waxing after treatment.

    Your doctor is going to advise you following the treatment to cleanse the area of treatment carefully with a very mild soap. They may also prescribe a lotion of some sort. perhaps a medicated one, to assist you in recovery. Any ingrown hair treatment discomforts are usually only slight ones. You should of course bring immediately to the attention of your doctor any return of ingrown hairs, scabs, red bumps or white ones that appear. After a few days, there will be a follow-up visit scheduled to evaluate the procedure, and schedule any future visits being considered.

    Ingrown Hair Treatments

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