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    Radio-frequency Body Sculpting

    Radiofrequency Body Sculpting

    A toned physique is something all individuals desire, and achieving that has now become all the easier and less painful with the introduction of the RF fat removal and Radiofrequency body sculpting procedures. The procedure is an entirely non-invasive one, and that is why most people these days prefer this over other forms of cosmetic operation or surgery. The effects are often very long-lasting, and one reason for that is that the RF process targets fat cells sitting deep within the skin. The procedure simultaneously helps in fat removal and tightening up of loose skin.
    Cellulite Reduction & Increase in Collagen

    The present procedure in discussion is one form of lipolysis, but is a more sophisticated one. While lipolysis operations can target only one problem at a time, RF procedures will tackle different issues simultaneously.

    1. Cellulite: The device used for the procedure generates enough heat to break down cellulite from the targeted areas into carbon dioxide and water, and this gets removed from the system simply and without any pain.

    2. Skin Tightening: This is achieved by affecting an increase in the collagen production. The extra collagen firms up the skin and improves and preserves the overall tone of the skin.

    Each of these Rf sessions will continue for about one hour. During this time, the patient feels no pain or discomfort whatsoever, since the process is entirely non-invasive. The RF device is pressed against the skin, and the charged particles traverse the tissues to reach the targeted areas in order to regenerate collagen and reduce cellulite.
    Radiofrequency Fat Removal Reviews

    Most reviews and customer feedbacks on the process report that the users experience immediate results after the treatment. However, repeated treatments are necessary for more long-lasting results. The effect of the treatment and how many sessions one will need to achieve the desired result will also depend on the age of the patient and the present state of damage to the targeted area. Once the desired results have been achieved, the patients may also need to continue with some maintenance sessions upon the advice of the supervising physician.

    Side Effects

    Clinical studies have shown that there is little to no side effects to RF fat removal and body sculpting procedure. In addition, studies also show that the phenomenon of ‘no-response’ is not applicable to the process. Th treatment is entirely pain-free and non-invasive and does not require any kind of injection of any foreign substance into the body. The treatment is approved in US, Canada, Australia, Europe, and in most countries of Asia, which again speaks of the safety and the effectiveness of the process.

    However, pregnant women are recommended not to undergo the treatment. Similarly, people with long-term skin diseases or with inflamed skin are advised to refrain from using the treatment. The treatment may also potentially cause some complications for patients using pacemakers or other kinds of metallic implants.

    RF Fat Removal: The Heat

    Temperatures during the treatment can reach up to 43 degree C, which is why some patients worry that their skin may get damaged from the treatment. However, hand pieces are used during the procedure to keep the heated part of the device from any direct contact with the skin. The heat is only channelled to targeted tissues. This is the reason the patients will feel a sensation of being warm inside but cold without. The sensation does not cause any discomfort. In fact, after some time, most patients find it rather comfortable and soothing.

    RF Fat Removal: Before and After

    No prior preparation is required for RF body sculpting procedures. You discuss your requirements to the consultant and he will advise you on the kind of treatment you need to go for and the approx number of sessions you will need to undergo. However, the ultimate decision is left to the patient. Since there is little risk of side effects, no elaborate after-care is required. The patients will not suffer from any kind of swelling, discomfort, or inflammation of skin. They are advised to increase their water intake which helps in cellulite reduction. But this s not a strict requirement and is more of an additional advice.


    Most RF body sculpting centers will offer package deals to their patients. Package deals help lower the cost per treatment to a significant level. However, it is entirely left to the client whether or not he will opt for a comprehensive treatment package. Clients are not required to commit to any fixed amount of sessions per month or week and can go about their treatment sessions as per their convenience.

    An overwhelming number of people report positive feedbacks from the treatment. The degree of success can vary from patient to patient, but most people say that they have experienced at least some change even after one treatment session. It goes without saying though, that positive results will be more visible when the patients follow up their initial treatment with the necessary maintenance sessions afterwards. Since the procedure also acts in a way so that it can be targeted to the specific areas alone, there is little risk of the client having to pay for unnecessary sessions.
    RF for Cellulite Reduction

    Patients suffering from the onset of excess cellulite will know that there are no easy ways to eliminate these stubborn fat pockets. Similarly, it may also become difficult to tell initially how many sessions a client will need for the cellulite removal. Once the client undergoes treatment and the cellulite starts fading, it becomes easier to instruct on a required number of sessions.
    Radiofrequency for fat removal and cellulite reduction is a very effective procedure and is deemed safer than lipolysis, liposuction, and other invasive procedures. Additionally, the costs are relatively low, patients can be certain of no side effcts and they also have the full freedom to stop the treatment at any point they feel necessary.