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    At Epione, OptiLipo is proprietary method used to treat both minor and severe types of cellulite. In brief, it is a proprietary remedy combined with Trans-dermal Acoustic Therapy (TAT); a recent addition to cellulite treatment. OptiLipo is a form of treatment whereby medical practitioners inject minute amounts of extracts obtained from natural plants, homeopathic agents, vitamins, as well as pharmaceutical agents in the skin with an aim of treating several conditions. OptiLipo treats and helps when a person suffers from conditions such as hair regeneration, cellulite, loss of hair, fat reduction, sagging of the skin, rejuvenation of the hands and neck, and skin anti-aging.

    Using Lipozap, Liposuction, or Tummytuck as an Alternative to OptiLipo

    Liposuction is used in treating cellulite but instead it augments the existing cellulite and increases its effect in the body. OptiLipo on the other hand treats cellulite leaving the surface of the skin smooth by reducing fat in portions. Liposuction, an alternative remedy, flushes out deposits of fat from particular areas and hinders fat gain in other areas. However, on the upside, OptiLipo does not require surgery neither does it require inpatient admission, downtime, or anesthesia. Additionally, patients who go for OptiLipo do not require complex medical evaluations or laboratory information before treatment.

    After many years of cellulite treatments that did not give good results, Radio Shockwave Therapy (TAT) now stands as a major breakthrough especially in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. TAT works by producing a wave of pressure that goes through the skin and fat to affect fibrous septae. Next, the collagen breaks up due to the pressure exerted releasing the skin and eventually resulting in a smooth surface. TAT thickens the dermis, lowers the protrusion of fat, and pictures taken by ultrasound after a person undergoes treatment show a thickening dermal. After a number of sessions, OptiLipo hinders the ability of the body to store fat and more so, it enhances the ability of the body to burn fat. Physicians can focus on a particular part of the body holding excess fat through direct injection of a mix of medication combined with vitamins as well as supplements to burn the fat in that particular body part.

    Results of TAT

    After undergoing the final treatment, patients begin noticing the initial results of TAT and apart from skin firmness and smoothness patients begin noticing the following:

    • Improved texture of the skin
    • Improved flexibility of the skin
    • Toning and firmness
    • Reduced body weight and a pleasant body shape
    • Thick dermis and reduced protrusion of fat

    Dramatic Results

    The results of TAT may take a short or long time from patient to patient due to the difference in body physiology. For instance, factors such as weight, movement, circulation, and the activities a person engages in determine how long the treatment will take. Normally, patients maintain the results for a period of between six months to one year, therefore, we advice patients to take one or two maintenance sessions for six months post the initial program to avoid relapse and to prolong the results as much as possible.

    Nevertheless, about 20 percent of the patients require additional treatments even after completing the initial program. Note that results can vary due the extent of the problem and some patients take longer than others do. However, often times, patients begin seeing results within two or three weeks and in some special cases, results start showing almost immediately.


    Out of ten women, nine of them live with cellulite and can hence benefit from TAT. On the downside, pregnant women as well as patients suffering from progressed osteoporosis should avoid this method. The use of TAT may cause minor bruising but healing occurs after about a week. In case you want to heal fast, you may consider using supplements like Arnica that you can take orally, or alternatively, you can use tropical oils to help with bruises. Many people who use OptiLipo say that the treatment offers relaxation just like deep massage does and that a person feels vibrations during treatment.

    You can also expect to experience some burning or pinching but you can use topical anesthetic cream for that. Some days prior to OptiLipo treatment, avoid taking aspirin and wash the part where the treatment will focus. After treatment, avoid wearing makeup for about four hours and do not engage in vigorous workout for two days. Finally, ensure to eat a healthy meal packed with proteins before and immediately after treatment.