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    Today we are obsessed with having that perfect body for lounging around at the beach. We also have advanced technology that can help us to freeze the fat, break it down, and let it simply pass out naturally from our bodies. This can be done in office, with no recovery time necessary. Unlike liposuction, you can do this and continue on with your normal routine.

    Women are constantly searching for the best treatment to rid them of their bulges, bumps, lumps, and loose, saggy skin. LipoFreeze is a new technology designed to do just that.

    LipoFreeze combines the best of two worlds, radio-frequency body sculpting and Coolsculpting. This fat reduction process is able to target your most problem areas, like the stomach, back, thighs, love handles, and arms.

    LipoFreeze is Non-Invasive:

    What sets LipoFreeze apart from other plastic surgery treatments, is that it is 100% non-invasive. It works by harnessing your own body’s metabolic processes for getting rid of fat for good. Procedures like liposuction, which is invasive, removes the fat cells utilizing physical extraction methods. Of course with liposuction the results are more immediate, but recovery periods can be painful. The body can go into shock from such an invasive procedure.

    Cryolipolysis, however, enables the body to rid itself of unwanted fat cells, and lets it do so at its own pace. Unsightly lumps and bulges will disappear gradually following the procedure, usually over the course of a few days or some weeks. The unwanted fat simply goes away over time. Because it is non-invasive, and requires no recovery period, you can schedule another time to do it again to take off even more.

    Dr. Oz on LipoFreeze:

    This procedure is remarkable in that it reduces fat and does it permanently, in a manner so surprisingly gentle. You can drop as much as one or two inches from your waistline, which is totally appealing to many men and women alike. Getting these kinds of results from traditional fat loss programs in the past, hasn’t been much more than a pipe-dream for many people.

    The LipoFreeze Procedure:

    LipoFreeze utilizes advance cryolipolysis. It freezes the fat cells, and breaks them down into a state that your body can remove naturally. The procedure involves the placement of a gel applicator pad on the skin above targeted areas.

    Next there is controlled cooling applied to those fat cells within that targeted area, and the cells are gently frozen, going from outside in. That causes the cells to crystallize, and then they die, eventually being metabolized and disposed of by your own body.

    While this metabolic process doesn’t happen instantly, you’ll be able to notice the results happening gradually over the next several weeks. The body needs time to get rid of those crystallized fat cells. You freeze fat, break it down, then remove it naturally. It is not as immediate as liposuction, but can be done again not so long after the first time, in office, so even more fat cells can be done away with. The biggest bonus is NO PAINFUL RECOVERY TIME.

    LipoFreeze Sessions:

    Most usually the treatment session take about 1 hour for each targeted area. A patient may book longer sessions according to the number of areas they want to target per sitting. Some prefer to break their sessions up into shorter more numerous sessions, while others prefer to grab for the gusto and sit there for hours to get it all over. It’s a personal preference thing.

    Although some patients will prefer to have more than just one treatment, it is recommended that a time period of between 4 and 6 weeks is observed before having another session. A lot of patients actually wait to schedule their re-treatments after a waiting period of 4 months.


    While at their initial consultation, patients get a chance to discuss expectations. They can also look at some LipoFreeze ‘before & after’ pics, and get some solid advice and feedback from a qualified and licensed professional. These professionals can advise patients on how many sessions would work out best for them.
    Once the initial treatment is over, the most serious discomfort for a patient would be itchiness or a mild tingling sensation. Outside of that, no side effects exist. Some patients have reported that sensations within the targeted areas were somewhat dulled over the course of a few weeks.

    Before & After LipoFreeze:

    LipoFreeze treatments come with NO downtime requirements. Patients are able to return to their normal daily activities. Many patients want to dive right back into the normal routine. They feel it boosts their metabolism and helps to speed up the fat removal process.

    An increased water intake has been suggested, as it helps to boost the metabolic rate. This is, of course, only a suggestion. There are no hard restrictions involved. It is suggested that each patient follows a well-balanced lifestyle. No strict requirements in the area of diet are necessary.

    The Side Effects of LipoFreeze:

    The great news is that there are not any serious side effects to LipoFreeze. This controlled freezing of fat cells, only affects the cells themselves. All other tissues and cells are totally unharmed. That means the FDA approval for this procedure has had absolutely NO serious precautions. Patients are not at risk of infection. The worst that can happen is some cramping or tenderness, but most patients report never noticing any type of side effects.

    Costs Involved With LipoFreeze:

    Prices will depend on length of sessions and number of treated areas. Other factors will include package deal availability, experience of the doctor, and where the treatment is done.

    LipoFreeze Review:

    Many patients pleasantly report that they see noticeable results within an 8-week period. This usually means only two session for each area is all it will take to reduce the fat by the amount desired. Fat cells don’t regenerate. That means once they’ve been frozen and removed, they will not be re-appearing.