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    Both men and women can suffer from unwanted or excessive hair, and anybody who has a history of dealing with this problem knows just how frustrating it can be. Shaving can be a nuisance, and it can result in painful bumps and irritation no matter which part of the body that you are shaving. Depilatory creams use harsh chemicals to get rid of hair that can irritate and damage the skin, especially if used on or around sensitive areas such as the face or the bikini line.

    Even options such as waxing can be a chore. Although the results are longer lasting than other hair removal options, it can leave unsightly bumps and can be an extremely painful process for some individuals.

    Fortunately, new innovations in laser treatment have provided an alternative for men and women who are looking for hair removal options. With a course of treatment provided by an expert in laser hair removal at Epione, hair can be removed quickly, with a minimum amount of pain and, more importantly, laser treatment can prevent hair from growing back.

    But of course, it’s not only hair removal that is a big concern for men and women. While baldness is no more than an inconvenience for some, it can be devastating for others. Fortunately, there are a range of treatments available, both surgical and non-surgical, to improve both the quality and the quantity of the hair on your scalp.

    A variety of treatments are available for hair loss. Botox Vitamin Hair Replacement can stimulate hair growth using vitamins that are known for their regenerative properties. This new, unique treatment is increasing in popularity among patients who have only minor hair loss and who want an alternative to traditional treatment plans that use products such as Minoxidil, (commonly known as Rogaine).

    One of the most common surgical procedures for replenishing hair loss is the hair transplant. Hair transplants use your own hair to fill in areas where hair has been lost. This may include a variety of procedures ranging from scalp reduction, tissue expansion, strip grafts, and scalp flaps to clusters of punch grafts such as plugs, miniplugs and microplugs. One of the greatest benefits to a hair transplant is the fact that the results are permanent, and after a transplant, patients no longer have to worry about potential hair loss. Results from these procedures look and feel completely natural, because they are completely natural.

    The treatment that each patient requires will vary depending on the amount of hair loss that they have and the results that they are looking for with their surgical hair treatment. A consultation with one of the experts at Epione can be a way to come up with a treatment plan that is suited to your exact needs, your budget, and ultimately your desired outcome for hair regrowth.

    Whatever the issue you are having, whether you need to get rid of unwanted hair or you need to regrow hair that you have lost, and whether you are a man or a woman, there are many options that are available to you. Do not feel bound by your genetics