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    Hair Loss

    Hair Loss Treatments: How Effective are They Really?

    If you are male and above 50 years old, there is a good change that you are showing distinct signs of baldness or hair loss regardless where you are in the world. Hair loss has a devastating effect in your life as it can lower your self esteem that can lead to poor social life. This is why there has been a surge of hair loss treatments in the United States alone as more men seek help in addressing their hair loss issues. Among the available treatments, hair transplants are the most popular because of its cost-effectiveness and low risk.

    If you are considering undergoing hair loss treatments, you should inquire about hair transplants. Hair transplants have evolved over the years and it is now considered as among the safest and most effective way of addressing hair loss issues. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to consult your doctor first before undergoing the procedure which involves inserting clumps of hair on your head. A new technology called micro-hair transplants is even more tedious as it requires inserting individual hair follicles to achieve a more natural look. The process is not as simple as inserting the hair follicles. It involves hair grafting and transplanting and making sure that the hair follicles, oil glands and connecting tissues are all compatible with each other.

    Your doctor will use anesthetic during the procedure. Whether is is local or general anesthesia depends on the degree of the hair loss. Most hair transplants procedure are done at clinics and hospitals and may take several hours to accomplish. Minor hair loss procedures require only single sessions while those that require extensive transplants will require up to several sessions in the span in days and even weeks to allow yourself to heal first in between sessions.

    Although the procedure is generally safe, you should still take all the precaution necessary to make sure that everything will turn out well. The first thing that you have to do is to make sure that the doctor who will undergo the transplant is professional and has been doing the operation for years. At your first meeting with the doctor, talk about your expectations as well as your medical history. It is important that you point out any medical conditions you have that can lead to complication. Also, ask your doctor for any possible discomforts during the operation. There are certain qualifications required for a successful hair transplant and one of them is that you should have healthy hair on your scalp that the doctor can graft the hair off.

    Aside from hair transplants, it is also found that injecting Botox into the scalp can drastically decrease the balding process. This was pioneered by Dr. Simon Ourian, a leading hair specialists who tested several patients in a span of 3 years.

    Like any other medical procedure, you will need to ask your doctor for pre-operative instructions to avoid complications. Pre-operative instructions can range from prohibiting you from taking certain types of medication to taking antibiotics that will protect you against infection after the operation. Most probably, you will have to stop drinking alcohol weeks before the schedule operation as alcohol inhibits blood clotting.

    If you want to gain your self-esteem back and want to have fuller hair, the best way to achieve this is to undergo hair transplants. Clinics and hospitals all across United States from Beverly Hills to Los Angeles and even the world are trained and equipped for this procedure.