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    Eyelid Surgery

    Do you look older because of drooping eyelids? The causes of this somewhat distressing look are many. Skin around the eyes can be loose because of genetic factors. In other words, if people in your family have droopy eyelids, you may develop them as well. Also, there are other things which contribute to this condition–factors in the environment and in a person’s way of living.

    Whatever is causing Droopy Eyes, that Aging, tired look can be alleviated through innovative Eyelid Surgery to help you Look Younger.

    Medically referred to as blepharoplasty, Eyelid Surgery works very well to eliminate Droopy Eyes. It is a very common plastic surgery and removes fat deposits, extra skin and some muscle to improve the appearance of Aging eyelids. The procedure also tightens bags under the eyes and with upper eyelids that appear to be sinking. This cosmetic procedure can correct the problem of eyelashes coming down in to a person’s field of vision. In addition, Eyelid Surgery treats ptosis, a genuine medical condition in which the eyelids sag because of nerve damage or lack of muscular tone. A physician can determine what is causing the eyelids to droop, and he can recommend the surgical correction that may be right for your particular situation.

    While blepharoplasty can treat eyelids which droop, it does not help eyebrows which droop or treat wrinkles in the skin. For the patient more concerned with these two conditions, Eyelid Surgery can be done with a brow or face lift procedure. Do some online research on all these procedures first before consulting with a physician. That way you will be prepared with good questions about what surgeries are possible and what the risks and benefits of each are. While the physician is always the best source of medical information, a patient who has done his homework is prepared to make the most informed decision possible with his doctor’s advice.

    Remember that Blepharoplasty is surgery, and as such, people who desire to have this procedure performed should be in good overall health–both emotionally and physically. They also must know about what the procedure can and cannot do for them plus about the risks that can come with the surgery.

    Typically, Eyelid Surgery candidates are 35 years old and up. Occasionally, younger people may qualify for this procedure because of their genetics. Because all surgeries carry some amount of risk, patients with medical conditions such as Graves’ Disease, Glaucoma, cardiovascular disease, Hypertension, Hypothyroidism or Diabetes may not be cleared for surgery.

    There is a great alternative to surgical treatment of drooping eyelids. It’s called Epione’s non-surgical Sixty Minute Facelift, and it involves skin resurfacing with a laser.

    Epione’s non-surgical Sixty Minute Facelift involves no surgical cutting and very little or no bleeding. Beyond that, the great news is that laser skin resurfacing lasts for a long time. Performed by a trained and qualified physician, complications with this innovative procedure are very minor and rare. This facelift procedure is really subtle, leaving the patient looking like himself, but really improved in appearance.

    When you and your physician decide that Eyelid Surgery is that way to go for you, he will make incisions along the outer rim of the drooping eyelids and also along the upper eyelids. Possibly, he will remove fatty deposits under the eyelid skin and will trim back the extra skin which is causing the drooping. Blepharoplasty is most often performed with local anesthesia, but sometimes, patients require general anesthesia.

    Again, be sure to check all your options online and have a frank discussion with your physician to see what procedure is best for those Droopy Eyes.