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    Chemical Peels

    Chemical Peel Los Angeles

    Complete guide to beauty


    If you are getting disappointed due to the ageing signs, sagging skin and acne spots, you must consider the skin rejuvenation treatments. You can get access to several treatments depending on your budget and skin suitability. However, we are here offering complete package of skin rejuvenation treatment to our clients. One of our skin rejuvenation treatments is chemical peel los angeles service. This method is used in removing all kinds of spots from skins, tightening skin, and destroys the outer layer of dead skin.

    Chemical peel is also known as derma peeling and chemexfoliation. This method is least invasive and very effective in improving the skin tone. Mostly the chemical peel is issued on face but it also can be used on neck and back. Here are the expected results from the chemical peel los angeles procedure are:

    • Removal of acne and acne spots
    • Ageing signs removal
    • Irregular pigmentation on skin
    • Freckles
    • Sun damaged skin
    • Scars and other spots
    • Wrinkles and skin patches

    How it works?

    The specialists carefully apply the chemicals (alphahydroxy acids, phenol and trichloroacetic acids) on your affected area to remove the damaged layer of the skin. Usually the procedure is applied by the doctor depending on the particular concerns of clients. Here are three categories of chemical peel on the basis of their severity.

    • Light chemical peel – If you have dryness, pigment and small acne scars, light peeling is best. It improves the skin tone gradually but not very effective for deep scars. The face will be cleansed and chemical will be applied for 10 minutes.
    • Medium chemical peel – It is for deeper wrinkles and scars on the skin. Same method is adopted by the specialist starting from cleaning the skin, applying the chemical on skin and finally washed off. However, it takes more time and produce deep result.
    • Deep chemical peel – as its name sounds, it is used in the case of deep scars, wrinkles and sun damaged scars. Process is similar with light and medium chemical peel los angeles process.

    However, there are some considerations involved in the process though it is less invasive. Therefore one should consider all the precautions and prescriptions suggested by the doctors. Under the guidance of DR. Simon Qurian, we will surely make you beautiful removing all factors from the skin that keep you looking older and dull.