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    Botox Treatments

    Botox Treatments in Los Angeles
    With the secret weapon of Botox injections, men and women today are in a great position to win an important battle against aging. Between stress and the pressing need to always keep moving, people are susceptible to crows feet, forehead lines, neckbands, wrinkles and other fine lines that most people would rather not have. Hectic lifestyles and increasing environmental pollution in regions such as Los Angeles have deleterious effects on the skin. These effects can add unnecessary age to a person’s appearance.

    Botox injections are an effective solution to this dilemma. They can help to reduce some of the more obvious signs of aging. Patients who have these non-surgical procedures see distinctive results in the treatment of moderate to severe wrinkles.

    Battling Wrinkles in Los Angeles
    If there is one thing more frightening than the thought of an injection, it is seeing someone in the mirror who is twice the age of the person inside. Botox injections, however, can produce incredible results when administered by a trained professional who is skilled at the procedure. When it is injected, the Botox targets the muscles that cause unwanted frown lines, fine lines and wrinkles. The muscles stop contracting when Botox blocks the signals to them from the nerves, and that relaxes the wrinkles and softens them. The skin appears smoother and toned. The treatment is considered a safe anti-aging procedure for adults who are seeking a more youthful appearance. Thanks to Botox, people have an alternative to living with unwelcome lines and wrinkles.

    The Botox Injection Treatment Procedure
    When exploring options for battling the appearance of aging, patients come to understand that Botox injections are certainly more safe than surgery. There is no requirement for sedation or to have anesthesia, creating an environment for treatment that is free of stress and is noninvasive. The provider administers the injections into the muscles, and results are generally seen in just a few days. The skin over the muscles begins to look smoother and younger.

    Before the Botox Treatments
    As with any health care procedure, patients first provide some relevant health information. It is necessary to disclose medications the patient is taking and for the provider to be aware of all relevant health concerns and medical conditions, including allergies. For some patients, depending on the answers in those disclosures, it might be necessary to consider alternatives.

    The doctors will explain the necessary steps to take after treatments are completed. Instructions might include avoiding over the counter anti-inflammatory medications for up to seven days. Patients might also be advised to avoid exercise for a day after the procedure, but no additional down-time is typically required, making it something many individuals can do on a break during an otherwise uninterrupted day.

    Potential Botox Side Effects
    Most patients feel little except for the expected small sting at the injection site, but there are some who report mild side effects from Botox treatments. A slight tingling or some numbness can occur in some patients in the treated muscle areas. These sensations typically ease within a few hours. Some patients experience a little minor, localized swelling, but that typically dissipates within an hour or two. Mild fatigue may also occur, but a restful night of sleep will generally remedy that issue.

    More serious side effects might occur if a patient leaves an existing medical condition or prescription medication undisclosed to the health care provider administering treatments. If a patient experiences serious side effects, medical assistance should be sought. If the patients follow precautions prescribed by the health care providers, however, serious side effects should not occur.

    Botox for Migraine Treatments
    Most people are familiar with the usage of Botox in the battle against wrinkles, but not everyone is aware that it can also be used to treat chronic migraines. Although it is a relatively new treatment procedure for migraines, it has been proven effective in many instances. The typical procedure lasts five to ten minutes, during which Botox is injected into various places around the patient’s head. The Botox prevents the chemicals responsible for migraines from reaching the nerve endings and triggering migraine pain. The treatment is not for everyone, but some health insurance companies will cover the cost of limited treatment sessions. For most patients, treatment may be delivered in one session every twelve weeks if it is deemed necessary.

    Cost of Botox
    As opposed to cosmetic surgery, patients enjoy a lower cost of treatment when opting for Botox. With results from Botox usually being evident almost immediately, many patients find the costs to be quite reasonable. Cheaper alternatives might indeed be available to consumers, but it should be noted that many of those require more frequent follow-ups, something those waging war with crows feet would like to avoid. Botox injections, however, are only repeated every three to six to months.

    Botox Creams
    With patients for whom injections are not advised, a Botox cream could be available soon. While they will not be quite as efficient as an injection, a cream may be of benefit in reducing some signs of aging. While awaiting the development of the creams, some people may try a lotion that contains similar ingredients. They are a good way to explore this method of combating aging without making a large commitment. If given enough time to effectively evaluate their personal results, individuals can determine the suitability of this topical alternative.