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    Are Unsightly Spider Veins Something You Suffer From?

    For more than four decades now, scierotherapy, or treatment of spider veins has been employed. Some medical technology recent advances has made treatment of removing unsightly or unwanted spider veins increasingly effective. Spider veins will sometimes appear in different places, but primarily are most commonly seen on calves, ankles and thighs. Spider vein treatment’s goals are to get them removed permanently, and also deal well with any associated unpleasant symptoms that might occur. Spider veins have many different issues that cause them, and without any warning they might appear as a result of spending too much time on your feet, weight gain, pregnancy, hormonal changes or even perhaps as side effects of a medication. Three different usual patterns, all visible through the surface of the skin, are how spider veins are manifested. The three common and familiar sort of spider veins are lengthy single veins, “tree-like” veins, or “spider web-like” veins.

    Spider veins very often ache, swell or burn, despite just being unsightly. These issues very often have a negative impact on one’s daily life, besides just being unsightly. If any of these issues or concerns apply to you, spider vein treatments might be the way for you to go. Good candidates are ideally in good health, and between the ages of 13 and 60, to be candidates for scierotherapy. It is important that one takes the time to educate themselves as best they can about the treatment, so that you know what best to expect , and also how best to take care of yourself following treatment.

    The good news is that anesthesia is not required, and that spider vein treatments are relatively non-invasive ones to deal with. The discomfort is typically minimal from spider vein treatments. The procedure can be performed in any well appointed outpatient surgical setting, or at your doctor’s office. In most instances, when the procedure has been done, the doctor will give the patient a compression stocking to be worn on the area that has been treated. This is of great help in speeding the recovery.

    More options are available today than have ever been available before, and the doctor will discuss with you about any solutions used to collapse the vein. This is informative and reassuring and a great time to have any questions you might have answered.

    The procedure of spider vein treatment itself is a technique which is relatively a basic one to be performed. At the offending spider vein, the doctor will direct a bright light and then inject a solution that will cause the vein to collapse. The injection locations are all in close proximity, and the needle used is a very tiny one. The visibility of the spider vein will usually be eliminated when it is collapsed, and the uncomfortable symptoms one has felt should also cease as well. Those that are curious as to how many injections might be required should know that typically for every one inch of spider vein there will be one injection needed.

    Depending on the severity of your condition, there may be anywhere from five to fifty injections required. Typically, sessions will last between 15 and 45 minutes.

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