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    “An amazing breakthrough in the treatment of new and old stretch marks.”
    — Simon Ourian, M.D.

    The treatment of stretch marks has been revolutionized by the CoolbeamTM Technique. Simon Ourian, M.D., the Medical Director of Epione Medical Corporation of Los Angeles, is the developer of the CoolbeamTM Technique Laser Treatment. Patients now have an alternative to surgery, and the limited efficacy of microdermal abrasion, topical creams and bluelight therapy. These alternatives are less effective and often more intrusive and costly than the CoolbeamTM Technique Laser Treatment.
    Many types of people experience stretch marks. While stretch marks are usually considered a post-pregnancy condition, stretch marks can affect the self-confidence of men, women and teenagers due to a variety of conditions. Treatment plans can be tailored to meet the needs of the individual patient. To find out more regarding the revolutionary CoolbeamTM Technique Laser Treatment, you may contact us and set an appointment. Our initial consultations will outline a plan of treatment and are free.
    During treatment, the skin surface is cooled and pulses of light are applied to it. The pulses of light cause the removal a very small amount of tissue, less than one–millionth of an inch. The treated tissue absorbs the light energy which instantly vaporizes the cell. Since very little tissue is being removed, the procedure can progress quickly. Additionally, the reduced tissue amount means less pain and discomfort is experienced by the patient.
    The physician has extraordinary control by using this technique. Rather than treating a larger area that may not need treatment, the physician can target a specific area, thereby avoiding skin that does not need treatment, and focusing on the areas that need attention. This means that treatment can be completed more quickly and with much less discomfort. The treated area quickly grows new skin to replace the stretch marked skin. The appearance of the new skin will be significantly improved over the original skin.
    An important benefit of the CoolbeamTM Technique Laser Treatment is shorter recovery times when compared to other types of laser treatment. Patients can now return to their regular routines in less time and with less discomfort. Additionally, the Coolbeam Technique Laser Treatment is effective for new stretch marks and also old stretch marks. Patients that believed that they would never be able to rid themselves of stretch marks can now get the results they desire. Los Angeles residents that want to learn more about this revolutionary treatment can set call us and set up a free consultative appointment to learn all the details and form a treatment plan.
    CoolbeamTM Technique Laser Treatments are safe. To achieve the desired result, the physician will perform a complete evaluation. Patients can expect transient changes in pigmentation and some possible discomfort and swelling after the treatment, however, recovery time is generally quite short and patients quickly resume their normal activities. The CoolbeamTM Technique cooling procedure diminishes discomfort and most patients experience little to no pain while the treatment is taking place.
    Before treatment begins, the physician will prepare a treatment plan. The plan will be created for your individual needs, taking into account your personal, specific characteristics. Patients are provided with aftercare instructions before leaving the treatment facility. Typically, 3 to 5 CoolbeamTM Technique Laser Treatments at intervals of 3 to 6 weeks are required for optimal results.
    The cost of CoolbeamTM Technique Laser Treatments will range from $3,000 to $18,000, averaging about $5,000.