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    Acne Removal

    Cool laser for acne removal  is a great method used to improve the facial appearance by treating wrinkles, fine lines that form under the eyes and the sides of the mouth, acne scar removal, facial scars, uneven pigmentation of the skin, and even sunburn. Coolaser treatment works by tightening the skin, making uneven skin smooth, removing sunspots, and scars. Often times, outbreak of acne is brought about by hormonal changes that in turn interfere with the metabolism especially during adolescence. Treatment of acne therefore should involve the use proactive methods to control possible outbreaks and seeking medical attention when the problem becomes intensive. Proactive methods that apply when dealing with acne include keeping the skin clean, staying away from sun and humid environments, eating a healthy diet, and suppressing the temptation pick pimples as well as skin blemishes.

    Causes of Acne

    Skin blemishes appear when the skin excretes the oil, which in turn clogs the pores thus trapping bacteria and creating a good surrounding for uncontrolled multiplication of these bacteria. Other external factors then aggravate the situation by triggering the outbreaks and making the symptoms worse than when they first appeared. External factors that accelerate acne include genetic makeup, health disorders, excessive sweating, excess skin oil production also called sebum, environmental contaminants such as gases, smoke and so forth. When that happens, the symptoms and signs of acne appear in various forms on the face and they include:

    • Blackheads and Whiteheads: Blackhead and whitehead pimples appear after bacteria lack an exit out of the skin pores.
    • Papules: Papules refer to small mild blemishes often pink in color.
    • Nodules and Cysts: Nodules and cysts refer to inflammations categorized as the most severe forms outbreaks and they affect large portions of the skin. Nodules run deep under the skin and can be painful. Cysts on the other hand include the soft sacks of pus that often spread on the skin.

    The Ideal Treatment for Acne

    The best remedy for acne varies from person to person because the blemishes also differ in different human faces. Secondly, the remedy depends on the cause of acne, the medications a person uses, hormonal profile, and the skin toxins a person encounters in the surroundings. Note that some cases of acne may require the affected person to undergo post treatments to block outbreaks and treat scars thereafter. Majority of acne outbreaks come and go without the need for treatment even though they may leave faint scars but in case a person experiences severe or recurrent acne, he or she should visit a physician who may offer one or a combination of some of the following treatments:

    • Laser therapy
    • Steroid injections
    • Medicated topical creams for killing bacteria
    • Hormone therapy
    • Chemical peels
    • Microdermabrasion
    • Dermal fillers through injections
    • Natural acne treatment
    • Cool laser treatment
    • Blue light therapy
    • Lacer acne treatment

    Lacer Acne Treatment

    Treatment of acne using lasers is probably the last resort when all other treatment options fail. However, some doctors may decide to combine it with other treatments for example dermal fillers and some medications. Some remedies used by doctors include pulsed light, infrared, heat energy, pulsed dye, fractional, and blue light lasers in a bid to interfere with sebum production. Cool lasers work by providing the underlying layers of the skin with energy thereby shrinking oil glands, improving the texture of the skin, aggravating production of collagen, and minimizing scarring.

    Homemade Remedies for Treating Acne

    Homemade remedies help in the control of minor acne outbreaks and prevention of future outbreaks. Basic remedies at home involves eating the right food, cleansing the skin, keeping it sweat free, and treating the skin using oil from tea tree. In addition, some of the other homemade treatment options include the following:

    • Alpha Hydroxy Acids: These natural acids come from citrus fruits and they help in extracting oil, dead skin, and unclogging pores if applied. Users may experience a stinging sensation as well as redness on the skin when using Alpha hydroxy acids.
    • Zinc supplement: Zinc assists in the healing of the skin and it minimizes inflammation and blemishes. Taking zinc supplements orally can induce nausea and leave the user with an unpleasant aftertaste.
    • Over-the-counter creams: Most commercial products help in the treatment and reduction of blemishes.
    • Makeup Control: An easy way to treat acne at home includes staying away from makeup and if used, a person should wash all the makeup before going to bed.
    • Brewer’s Yeast: The CBS 5926 type of brewer’s yeast tends to decrease the outbreak and severity of acne because it counters microbial effect although the use of yeast can result in migraine headaches.
    • Baking Soda: Use baking soda once every week to exfoliate the skin and open blocked pores but use it moderately to avoid skin damage.
    • Maintain Clean Beddings: Keeping bedding and pajamas clean helps in getting rid of germs that may cause skin blemishes.

    Medication for Treating Acne

    Many physicians use a combination of medicines and therapies to treat acne and the medications include prescription drugs and strong antibiotics used for the treatment of severe acne. Over-the-counter medications that can assist in the treatment of acne include Benzoyl Peroxide, Sulfur, and Salicylic acid. Drugs such as Clindamycin, Erythromycin, and Sodium Sulfacetamide are also among the most common prescription drugs.

    Other drugs such as Adapalene, Tretinoin, and Tazarotene fall in the class of topical retinoid and they come from Vitamin A. In addition, acne patients also use hormone drugs that help in the restoration of natural body balance and they include drugs such as androgen blockers for example Spironolactone as well as birth control pills that contain estrogen. When a person uses acne medication, the drugs enter the body or the skin, when using lotions, and do the following:

    • Kill bacteria that block pores causing pimples
    • Reduce the production of skin oil
    • Counter hormonal effects

    Reviews of Acne Treatment

    Majority of acne outbreaks heal without complications after the affected person uses the right medication, observes hygiene, and uses proactive measures to eliminate the acne triggers. However, people still encounter severe acne, and heartbreaking scars that affect the appearance of a person. With that in mind, do a research extensively before embarking on a particular type of treatment plan and do not forget that you cannot reverse some cosmetic treatments. Some patients recover fully after using a combination of remedies but consult a skin professional to get the best treatment option because no skin type resembles another.

    Treatment of Acne in Los Angeles

    Acne treatment takes various approaches because the problem may come from varying triggers. For the best treatment options, seek the services of qualified professionals in Los Angles. Overall, consulting an experienced skin professional remains the ideal way to control, prevent, and minimize scars caused by acne.